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some food notes

For my future self and anyone else who's interested:

This vegan mint chip ice cream recipe is the bomb. By far my greatest success with vegan ice cream has been using coconut cream, like this one does. I'd originally meant to use the mint from my garden for this, but time got away from me. Also, I admit to adding a little mint extract to the base, but even then tasters remarked on how natural the mint tasted.

If I want to smoke eggs in my 165°F electric smoker, I need to hard—not soft—boil them first, because the smoker is not going to cook them any further. And I need to at least crack if not entirely remove the shells in order for the smoke to penetrate the albumen.

Zakkokumai 雑穀米 (mixed grains) may be tasty, but it cannot be eaten with chopsticks on its own. Mix some in with regular white rice and steam them together for a result that can be eaten with chopsticks.

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