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new toy

My newborn nabaztag (the wi-fi bunny!) came yesterday. Before I start having fun voiding the warranty1, I'm getting to know it (or her: her name is soramimi or 空耳; my first choice, usako—which would have been perfect— was already taken). I'm trying to wean her from her Continental habits like living in GMT+01:00 and announcing temperatures in Celsius, although if I wanted to acclimatize myself for next month's World Cup trip in advance, I could have her speak French in addition to those other default habits (we'll be commuting from Belgium). Incidentally, nabaztag is the second electronic item I've gotten that comes with a variety of international power plugs. (The first was my iPod speaker dock.)

I'm still figuring it out. If I subscribe to the 'full rabbit' plan, soramimi can receive e-mail messages. Without subscribing, she can receive short, pre-defined messages via the less-than-stellar nabaztag.com web interface. I'll probably either subscribe or find another way to make it easier for people to communicate with her.

Also, she does her own leporid version of T'ai Chi at random times. It's both adorable and weird.

1 I had to laugh when I saw the label No User-Serviceable Parts Inside, as that label plays an important role in a scene in a book I'm reading, Vernor Vinge's new Rainbows End.