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Excerpt from cryptology final exam answer key:
Well this “thought” question sure generated a lot of thoughts. Unfortunately, based on your emails and answers, most of those thoughts were of the form: “what the h*** was he thinking?”

Saturday's tea lesson was almost crowded, with six students in attendance. One was a new student who happens to live close to me; if a Saturday lesson schedule works out for her, maybe we can carpool and practice each others' native languages. Another student is performing the obon temae that Fumie-san and I are practicing without the actual tea or water. After the lesson we went out to lunch at Kotobuki. The sashimi I had wasn't bad, but the flavor got lost amidst the steaming, aromatic kamameshi sets that everyone else ordered.

Later I made a trip to the fabric store to get some materials for a gift I'm making and for throw pillows I'm making from the extra Roman shade material. I now have an official sewing box, a little plastic number containing pins, assorted needles, thread, a marking pencil, a seam ripper, and a tape measure. Look out, world.

I watched Spirited Away, which I hadn't seen earlier because I had doubts as to whether I'd like it; it looked… I dunno, maybe too formulaic or kid-targeted. I was wrong. It was whimsical and fun and not patronizing. For the English language version, they hired quality voice actors and translators, and they didn't mess with the artwork or editing. My favorite character is the mysterious, troubled spirit No Face, who doesn't fit neatly into any of the archetypes found in Hollywood kid-fare. The art's just gorgeous.

Got most of the presents wrapped. We haven't gotten around to replacing the pumpkins and Indian corn with yule decorations yet, aside from a balsam garland. I haven't felt an urgent need to pull our fake tree out of the attic or hang lights, which I might do, or we might just skip it this year.

Rob and I have started watching the .hack//SIGN series, wherein our protagonist can't log out of the MMORPG he's playing. So far it's not bad, not great. It helps to have some passing familiarity with MMORPGs, particularly Everquest-type fantasy ones.


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Dec. 14th, 2004 06:35 pm (UTC)
I wish we could get you guys up here one weeknight so we could all go to the sushi place in Chestnut Hill. On the weekends the stuff is pretty good, but on a weekday evening it's excellent.
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