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new favorite tea infusers

I've come down with a cold. But I want to share—virtually, not physically—a couple of tea infusers that delight me. First, a floating duck tea infuser by RSVP International. So cute. I bought it at Chocolate Moose.

Second, a tubular tea infuser given to me over the holidays. The beveled end makes a serviceable scoop, and the closed end pops off for cleaning. Every time I use this infuser and look at its smooth stainless steel, I hear a voice in my head intoning, "German engineering." :)

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Jan. 20th, 2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
> First, a floating duck tea infuser

That opens up a great range of possibilities. A whale, a leaping dolphin, the upraised arm of the Statue of Liberty, an iceberg, etc. You could go into business. :-)
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