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11:20 pm: the hydrangea on my terrace is blooming!
09:25 pm: insect on the edge of a mushroom
03:24 am: the woods in early June
12:00 am: proud yarnbombed tree
10:00 am: this poster at the airport brightened my morning @NASANewHorizons
08:01 pm: I literally just learned the term 'airplane glory' while waiting for the flight where I saw this
12:01 pm: 駅弁!山陽新幹線40年物語
01:22 pm: 1 new photos on my Flickr!
01:38 pm: one of many great white egrets 大鷺 foragi
01:38 pm: one of many great white egrets 大鷺 foragi
03:07 pm: rice paddy in rural Okayama
03:07 pm: bunches of onions hanging under an overhang
03:07 pm: Byasa alcinous, commonly called the Chinese windmill
03:34 pm: another egret
03:34 pm: various crops
03:34 pm: great egret 大鷺
03:35 pm: bell at Ko Shrine 荒神社 atop
04:52 pm: abandoned farm structure in rural Okayama
10:22 pm: farmland in rural Okayama
10:52 pm: irrigation canal lock
10:52 pm: farmland in rural Okayama
11:22 pm: rice paddy
03:52 am: black sesame & kinako parfait
04:37 am: And then I realize how this morning’s earthquake
07:37 am: scenery along the trail
11:07 am: bike path motif on side of fence posts
12:52 pm: five-story pagoda at Bitchu Kokubunji
01:35 pm: bottom story of the pagoda at Bitchu Kokubunji
01:52 pm: another view of the five-story pagoda at Bitchu Kokubu
02:24 pm: one more view of the five-story pagoda at Bitchu Kokubu
03:19 pm: a peach tree, growing Okayama's iconic fruit
03:52 pm: hydrangea 紫陽花
04:22 pm: rice transplanter 田植機
10:22 pm: stone lantern
11:07 pm: En'yō-tei 延養亭
03:52 pm: view across Sawa-no-ike 沢の池
04:07 pm: "fishing palace" 釣殿 on Mino-shima
04:22 pm: Seiden 井田 rice fields harken back to a
04:37 pm: tea plantation 茶畑
04:52 pm: green maple leaves 青楓 in Chishio-no-mori
04:52 pm: bamboo grove
05:07 pm: this tree needed some assistance
05:07 pm: Okayama Castle 岡山城 a.k.a. Crow
05:07 pm: weeping cherry trees
05:22 pm: yatsusashi 八橋
10:07 pm: grey heron アオサギ
10:07 pm: grey heron アオサギ
10:37 pm: Ryūten 流店 pavilion
11:07 pm: Ryūten 流店 pavilion
11:07 pm: Chasodō 茶祖堂
03:37 am: Japan Rail "manners-animals" say, no dolphin-spreading!
08:39 am: irises
11:52 am: tree arching over a stream
12:37 pm: stepping stones across a shallow stream
05:52 pm: irises
09:52 pm: stream with cycads ソテツ in the
11:37 pm: trees on the side of Yuishinzan
02:07 am: panoramic view of the gardens from atop Yuishinzan
08:07 am: thanks for being environmentally friendly - have some water in a disposable plastic bottle!
12:07 pm: Ōdateishi 大立石 begirded by
12:52 pm: Kayō-no-ike 花葉の池
07:22 pm: the classiest way I've ever seen Ramune displayed for sale, hands down
08:07 pm: view from my hotel room in Hiroshima
09:37 pm: Ōdateishi 大立石, this time
04:07 am: Hagi 萩市 manhole cover showcases the
10:07 am: a colorful maple tree amongst garden scenery
11:38 pm: stepping stones leading to En'yō-tei
04:23 pm: amusingly Edwardian, gender-binary toilet slippers
12:18 am: the city of Hagi 萩市 celebrates its
11:03 am: Shukkei-en 縮景園
01:31 am: aburimochi あぶり餅
08:16 am: 戦国の茶器 ガチャポン
11:01 pm: hydrangea sweet