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Christmas break

My Christmas pictures are up. Phil and Larissa's new cat Oliver joined Fritz and Tornado Kitty for the holidays this year. He's the most energetic cat ever, running around the house, trying to get the other cats to play with him, jumping up on the counters. The Deep Creek Lake calendars I designed were a hit. We forgot to roast the chestnuts I'd brought, dang. My loot included a dragonfly-design cast iron tetsubin teapot and warmer stand, a waffle maker, a cute insulated Chinese-takeout-shaped bag, a couple of DVDs, and Katamari Damacy, which I managed not to have tried yet only because the remote control (indoors-only!) helicopter Rob got made our living room a chaotic place to be last night.

As usual, we ate really well. We used to go hang out with the Polish side of the family on Christmas Eve, but that tradition seems to have died off in favor of staying home to roast a nice piece of beef for sandwiches along with chilled shrimp and some great red wine. It was soooo good. So was the asiago we had sitting out to munch on during cocktail hour. So good.

Sam and I got a chance to catch up yesterday over lunch; we had planned to go to Casa Chapala, but it was closed along with almost everything else in Ligonier except for the Ligonier Tavern, and they seemed to be out of half the items on their menu, but we dealt.

Later this week I'll be off to “AnnaCon.” It's a bummer that their oven is broken, or else I'd make chocolate chip croissants for everybody. I'm gonna see if I can fit my stuff in a carry-on suitcase, especially since hearing about this past weekend's huge luggage mess in PHL. That'd mean no kimono, but I don't yet know how to put it on by myself anyway. I hope people aren't too disappointed.


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Dec. 27th, 2004 04:03 pm (UTC)
no worries about the kimono, but i hope that some time you can show me. ^_^
Dec. 27th, 2004 05:06 pm (UTC)
The Christmas Calendar
Hi Kate: I want to say thanks again re the neat calendar! I took it with me this morning to exhibit it at one of the kaffee klatsch groups I sit in on over at Westwood Plaza. This particular group discusses digital photo matters and equipment Ray Clites is a regular and a retiree from being the TD's and WJAC-TV's commercial photog, as you may know. He was most impressed with your work as were the others there. Wish you could have heard all the nice comments. A real outstanding bit of work and I'll treasure it. --Grandpa Dave

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