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The salt pool at #Liquidrom. Photo by Kubische Panoramen http://www.kubische-panoramen.de/2000/liquidrom.jpgIn light of my less-than-enchanting experience with German culture at 29C, and in light of closer-to-me Spa World's recently-revealed anti-LGBTQ stance, and in light of its overall awesomeness, I want to recommend Liquidrom to any of you who find yourselves in or near Berlin. I have [twitter.com profile] jprodgers to thank for cluing me in to this communal spa centered around a dimly-lit dome where patrons float blissfully in a warm saltwater pool. It also has saunas, steam baths, an outdoor bath, and a bar. I made a stop in Berlin expressly to relax at Liquidrom on my way from Hamburg to Warsaw at the end of last year, and it was so worth it. I've never experienced such an intense feeling of release as I did there. It was beyond relaxation and into another realm altogether. It felt transcendental.

One thing I found refreshing about Liquidrom was the absence of body-policing. Separate-sex entries lead to the same big unsegregated locker room (with curtained-off changing booths for those inclined to use them), and neither the swimwear-required central chill-out pool nor the nudity-required saunas and steam rooms are segregated.

If you'd like a more verbose description of what to expect there, head over to [twitter.com profile] slowberlin's review of Liquidrom. Or, you know, google.

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Mar. 5th, 2013 11:43 pm (UTC)
That's horrible about Spa World. Thanks for letting me know that! I won't be going there now; that is just not okay.
Mar. 6th, 2013 04:54 pm (UTC)
They've posted this statement (apparently only on facebook, not their web site) sort of apologizing for the "miscommunication" and "inconvenience." As you can probably gather from my wording and punctuation in the previous sentence, I'm not satisfied with their statement or their handling of this incident.
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