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chabako utensils

Ultimately this information should be on the Chado Encyclopedia wiki, but that's currently un-editable.

It will be assumed that all of these require—along with a source of hot water such as a tetsubin on a binkake—a box with a lid, chawan, usuchaki containing tea, chashaku, chasen and chasen-zutsu, moist chakin and chakin-zutsu, fukusa, kobukusa, furidashi containing small sweets, and kensui.

Shikishi-date 色紙点 may be added to this table a later date, but has not been included in the initial version because its utensils differ substantially from those used in the other chabako temae.

Unohana 卯の花Tsuki 月Yuki 雪Hana 花Wakei 和敬
trayX1 X2
shifuku for chashaku, usuchaki, and chawan XXX
kakego XX
usuita X
second chawan X

1 Most commonly yamamichi-bon
2 Most commonly hanagata-bon

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