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fun with apache

Every so often I like to screw up my web/email server, just for fun. Yesterday was one of those times. This is a virtual server running Debian, a mix of stable and testing. I was doing a little apt-get upgrade, and I noticed it wanted to upgrade exim, which I didn't think I have any need for—qmail is my MTA. So I went and removed exim, realizing too late that somehow apache depends on exim (why?) and so apache, apache-ssl, and apache-common were all un-installed too. Oops.

So apt-get install apache apache-ssl apache-common, right? Not quite. It insisted on reading /etc/apache/conf.d/ for its config-files, which is not where they actually were or had ever been, and I couldn't figure out why it was insisting on this. Eventually I just copied everything in /etc/apache/ (where my config-files were) to /etc/apache/conf.d/. After I did that, apache warned me about trying to load lots of modules that were already loaded, and, more seriously, it didn't recognize config-file directives like Alias, Order, Deny, or ExtendedStatus. Huh?

The solution involved a bunch of steps that are a little hazy, but this is what I remember:
  • dpkg --purge apache apache-common apache-ssl (after backing up /etc/apache/ and /etc/apache-ssl/)
  • Then re-installed apache, apache-common, and apache-ssl.
  • Merged my backup config-files and the new ones.
  • I changed my sources.list from a combination of stable and testing to all unstable, since a lot of my scripts needed non-ancient versions of PHP and stuff.
  • I had to (re-)add extension=mysql.so to /etc/php4/apache/php.ini.



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Jan. 13th, 2005 09:16 pm (UTC)
Apache among others probably depend on mail-transport-agent rather than on exim directly, or at least that's what I'd hope.

Ideally the qmail package you use should provide mail-transport-agent itself and conflict with the other MTAs. There's a bunch of things it needs to support for that though -- /etc/aliases, the sendmail binary being in the right place, and the newaliases command are the big ones.
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