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lazy weekend

I re-watched all of 灰羽連盟 (Haibane Renmei) this weekend, since I recently bought the DVDs. It’s so wonderful. I watched the last third or so subbed instead of dubbed, not because there’s anything wrong with the dubbing (although I think I like Rakka’s original voice more than in the dubbed version), but just for listening comprehension.

In further self-indulgence, I took some self-portaits for my entry in the second Self-Portrait Day. I’ll post several of them this Thursday.

Yesterday I attended a Japanese Language Meetup study group. Led by a Turkish-American teacher (try teaching a third language in your second language!), we started with basic introductions, professions, and nationalities. One attendee knew almost no Japanese at all, not even hajimemashite. I did learn some new vocabulary, and I enjoyed the chance to practice conversation. Since the community college noncredit Japanese class I signed up for this semester was cancelled due to low enrollment, I’m on my own for at least a few months. Well, aside from YesJapan.com. This is probably a good time to concentrate on memorizing kanji.