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reflooring, part II

The reflooring project is experiencing a lull today, as thedreadpilot had to go to work and pylocatabasis had to return to his apartment to keep his cats from starving. Pictures from last night, pictures from this morning. They finished replacing the rotted subfloor, pried off all the base trim (which was reportedly not in a condition to be re-used), and laid down underlayment and flooring over roughly half the total area. The portable table saw was brought up to the work area to make cuts more quickly; that’s easily the most time-consuming part of laying the flooring. As well as the eardrum-splittingly loudest. :\

Oh, I’ll note that we’re using Wilsonart Planetree Maple glueless click-together laminate and a very basic foam underlayment. We got the plastic spacers and the coordinating stair nose but none of the other matching base trim, air vents, or transition strips, or the special (by which I mean "probably overpriced") tapping block, adhesive, and floor cleaner.

I figure it’ll take a few weeks to finish things off, so I’m getting used to living with stuff from the living and dining rooms piled up everywhere. The computers are downstairs; only my “blue” and thedreadpilot's “gray” are powered on. The wifi signal has no trouble reaching the laptop in my bedroom, two floors above the access point. The kitchen is less cluttered than I had expected, since it appears the entire work area doesn't need to be completely clear at once—stuff like the sofa and bookshelf and Super Desk can be pushed onto whatever part we aren't working on.


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Apr. 2nd, 2005 10:54 pm (UTC)
I'm very impressed. After talking with Rob on the phone I was afraid the subfloor replacement might bog the whole thing down, but I see they did not let that happen. It looks great! I agree that the measuring and cutting are the real time-consuming parts....thats why it took me so long to do our kitchen......nearly every piece was a custom cut of one type or another. Nice work all the way around......we should probably take a tube of silicone caulk to the outside of that sliding door to minimize any future water intrusion issues.
Apr. 3rd, 2005 01:18 am (UTC)
Re: Wow!!!
Well, the subfloor replacement ate up perhaps 50% of the renovation time overall, once you take into account Rob and I pacing, arguing about how much demolition was necessary, renting a reciprocating saw to take out some of the more resistant elements, etc. I think we could have finished the entire project on Thursday had we not hit that snag. With any luck Rob can finish flooring tomorrow now that he's gotten the hang of it all.
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