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LJnet is a program that lets people browse networks of LiveJournal friends. Assuming you start with yourself in the middle, it visualizes your friends as a network around you; clicking on any particular user shows their friends and lists the most common interests among those friends.

In an exercise of dubious productivity, I took a screenshot of my LJ network and annotated it according to how I know people and what interests are common among them. Here's the annotated screenshot. I don't know why some people's user icons show up blank. [Update: It appears that any user who doesn't have a default LJ icon comes up with no icon in LJnet.] Those purple words are interests. In the course of labeling, I realized that a handful of interests are so common among my friends that it would be meaningless to put them in any particular place on the image, although in some cases I'd already done so. The foremost common interest is cats. You people love cats, don't you? Heck, two of my LJ friends are cats.

Other interests that are ubiquitous on my friends map include anime, computers, movies, reading, science fiction, sushi, and writing. That last item is the only popular interest I don't share. I suspect that tea, travel, and maybe video games would show up on the list if more of my LJ friends had thought of them when listing their interests.

In the end, those of people's interests that aren't popular are more intriguing. Here's a random, unscientific sampling of your more unusual interests: taoism, sheet metal, off-road driving, biophysics, steam tunnels, gatorade, queer history, energy policy, shamanism, amethyst, ice skating, Québec, culture-jamming, the letter q, crocheting, practical telekenesis, Saabs, amphetamines, olives, parliamentary procedure, egyptology, overpasses, skydiving, artificial immune systems, failing to marry, going on a rampage, propmaking, boys in eyeliner, baby platys, gaslamp fantasy, teaching without pedantry, Bermuda, candlemaking, number theory, ancient Greece, dowling, green hair, free amazons, pierogis, going nonlinear, bouldering, and Dostoyevsky.


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Oct. 28th, 2005 04:42 pm (UTC)
If one weren't restricted to 150 interests, I would be listing a whole lot more of them.
Oct. 28th, 2005 04:49 pm (UTC)

Note to self: Throw in a few more interests on the info page, one of these days...

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