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The DSL technicians are coming to our house tomorrow morning ("between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.") to check things out. I sure hope the problem turns out to be something simple like a b0rked DSL modem and not some bizarrely sudden problem with the phone wiring.

Rob and I watched episodes 5-8 of Neon Genesis Evangelion recently. We both love the theme music and Misato's beer-filled and penguin-occupied apartment, but otherwise we're less enthusiastic. I don't mind the "fan service." Maybe the pattern is starting to become too familiar: an Angel appears, NERV isn't really prepared but manages to ready an Eva, battle ensues, things look bleak for our hero, hero beats the Angel at the last second, civilization is safe for now, another Angel appears, ad infinitum. A conspiracy plot element is emerging, but slowly.

We also tried out Gatekeepers a little while ago. What I remember of it is schoolgirls defeating alien invaders in shades and cowboy hats by strategically throwing cell phones. I suppose it's not the most outrageous premise in the anime world. On the upside, the cars are well-drawn.

An anime club at work is starting up; the first meeting is tomorrow at lunch. Here's hoping the DSL tech comes early so I don't miss the inaugural meeting!