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goro goro

My favorite thing about the Japanese language is its onomatopoeic phrases. It's got a lot, and I love how they make the language vivid with their evocations of splashing, rattling, giggling, rustling, and twinkling. Many of them describe things that we don't usually associate with sounds, like a smile, clamminess, or silence. I started to make a comprehensive list of them, but I gave up when it started to seem like a never-ending task. Instead I just bookmarked this page. Here, for no reason in particular, are some of my favorites:
choki choki
cutting, as with a knife or scissors
fuwa fuwa
fluffy or cozy
goro goro
the sound of purring or rumbling thunder
splashing, as with the hand
the sound of staring, of silence, or of remaining motionless
waku waku


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Oct. 14th, 2004 06:40 pm (UTC)
waku waku: excitement

I keep thinking of a Japanese version of Fozzie Bear.
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