radhardened's Journal

22 March 1978
abnormal psychology, aclu, acts of random kindness, amateur radio, amélie, ancient history, architecture, atheism, bare feet, bicycling, bordeaux, bubble tea, calvin and hobbes, candlelight, carl sagan, cats, chaji, cherry blossoms, chopsticks, cirque du soleil, civil liberties, cognitive science, computer science, computer security, consciousness, cowboy bebop, cream cheese, cuteness, cyberpunk, dadaism, daft punk, dc united, dead can dance, deep sea creatures, depeche mode, douglas hofstadter, día de los muertos, eff, electronics projects, feeling alive, feminism, fireplaces, forth, frou frou, garden state, garlic, gay rights, gin, glasshouses, goat cheese, gpg, green, grim fandango, hacking, haibane renmei, hiroshige, ikea, independent films, infornography, instant runoff voting, intimacy, intj, japanese culture, katamari damacy, kayaking, kitsuke, lain, languages, learning japanese, linux, linuxchix, little computer people, malachite, microcredit, miss manners, moby, mochi, moss, napping, neal stephenson, npr, numbers stations, oddly-colored hair, ogg vorbis, open source software, orange kitties, philosophy, pirates, plants, playing piano, pneumatic tubes, powerpuff girls, privacy, programming, psycholinguistics, python, rain, rasputina, reading, red wine, renfest, retro-futurism, roleplaying, saint-exupéry, saint-saëns, science fiction, semantics, shiraz, shmoocon, snow, sousveillance, space exploration, strongbad, summer nights, sushi, tapas, tea, techno, the daily show, the little prince, they might be giants, thinking, this american life, thunderstorms, thyme, titanium, tornado kitty, transhumanism, travel, ubuntu, unix, unschooling, urban exploration, vernor vinge, voter-verified paper trails, wallace and gromit, wifi